You can purchase these great products at Brass & Bass. We can special order any style you choose. HOME > ABOUT GUNVAULT For the last 25 years GunVault has been the industry leader and innovator in developing quick access gun safes and other security solutions for hand guns, firearms and personal valuables. GunVault provides the latest design and technology in the industry with unique and patented features that set us apart...

No Anti-Gun Supreme Court Justice!

Dear Fellow Patriot, The next confirmed Supreme Court Justice will decide the balance of power for years to come. Unfortunately, President Obama has nominated anti-gun Judge Merrick Garland . . . or as I call him “Gun-Grabber Garland”. . . to replace the late Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia. Without your IMMEDIATE action to force the U.S. Senate to stand up and FIGHT like never before, I’m afraid President Obama...
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California Firearm Purchasing Process

California Firearm's Purchase Process Congratulations on Your Decision to Practice Your 2nd Amendment Right to Bear Arms!   Shooting Sports are a great recreational activity to share with Family and Friends. We understand some may have questions about the purchase of a firearm with California's ever changing stringent regulations. Our goal is to make your purchasing experience as painless as possible so you can enjoy your firearm for years to...