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How To Read The Water


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Saturday, August 24th from 5:30 pm till 6:30 pm at the Brass & Bass Store’s Conference Room

A freshwater fishing seminar that teaches the fundamentals of finding the right places and times to become a successful angler. The low cost to attend this extremely educational and fun seminar is only $10.00 payable in advance, seating is limited to the first 25 attendees. Come learn some new tricks, view the power point presentation, go over the handouts and ask questions. Presentation is given by successful author and angler Jeff Walters content provider for many local and national publications to include California Game and Fish Magazine, California Sportsman Magazine, California Fly Fisher, Carlsbad Magazine, San Diego City Magazine, Western Outdoor News (co-author), The SoCalFishn.com Newsletters, and so much more. Each person attending receives an in-store coupon for 10% fishing and ammo or 5% off a firearms purchase.

For a “sneak peek” at the most detailed information on freshwater fishing locations soon to be available on the Brass and Bass Website, simply go to: onefishblog.wordpress.com

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