NSSF Project Child Safe, Putting a Lock on Safety in Your Home.


The NSSF is educating the public with project Child Safe, putting a lock on safety in your home.  This reaches out past the home and into the public with the many becoming licensed conceal carry permit holders. Accidents do happen. With education and continued reminders, Brass & Bass would like to extend and help enhance the safety level for our children. With safety comes the importance of education not only for the adult but the importance of “don’t touch, tell an adult” for children. Be a continued responsible gun owner and stay educated and aware. Keep your firearms unloaded and locked if in the car, home, or at a friends house in the presence of a child at all times. Teach your child how dangerous a firearm can be and how to stay safe and respect it’s power and function while teaching your child to hunt and shoot.

Check out the NSSF’s Road to Responsible Gun Ownership interactive tool which takes users down the path of successful steps towards safe ownership. We hope you will walk through these steps and educate loved ones about the importance of these messages.

Project Child Safe invites gun owners, members of local law enforcement agencies and gun safety advocates to help spread awareness of safe gun storage and handling.

Millions of Americans own firearms and more people choose to become gun owners every day. At the same time, crimes and accidents with firearms have been going down. Help Project Child Safe keep this trend going in the right direction with these safety precautions.

Be safe, be responsible!

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