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For the last 25 years GunVault has been the industry leader and innovator in developing quick access gun safes and other security solutions for hand guns, firearms and personal valuables. GunVault provides the latest design and technology in the industry with unique and patented features that set us apart from the competition.

With a variety of products to fit your specific needs, each GunVault safe is constructed with heavy gauge steel for a sturdy exterior while your guns and valuables are secured on the inside with a protective foam-lined interior. GunVault safes operate with a high strength lock mechanism that securely locks your safe time after time and releases quickly when activated for security and reliability. Precise fittings make GunVault products resistant to pry attacks while compact designs make GunVault products easy to mount just about anywhere.

In addition, the option of biometric technology is available on many GunVault products with a biometric fingerprint scanner used to access your safes contents. With all of our products GunVault is committed to keeping your hand guns, firearms and personal valuables secure which is why we stand by our motto, “safe, quick, strong, smart”.

GunVault is proud to announce that its MicroVault Bio was recently honored as “Safety Product of the Year ” by the Shooting Industry Academy of Excellence. The MicroVault Bio’s unique, notebook-style design allows one to securely transport a handgun or valuables (page 5). The 500-member academy, comprised of manufacturers, distributors and dealers considered 114 product entries and 41 service award entries this year.

“We are thrilled to receive this award from the Shooting Industry. It’s a tremendous honor to be chosen as this year’s best when it comes to security products from such an esteemed group of industry leaders.”

GUNVAULT Marketing Manager

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